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Your Cloud to physical file connector.

Free code for PHP sites and Business Central AL extension.

Code for Business Central 365 Spring Edition (14)
Code for Business Central 365 Wave 2 (15)

Simpel demo of the four FTP commands

The full wordpress code from the demo.

The sky is always blue in the cloud.
But when it comes to files from batchjobs and automatic printing it gets a kind of grey

CloudToFile is a lightweight and fast connector with only four commands. A simple cloud to file function.

Command list.
Uploads a list of files on your FTP site. The result is presented in JSON and there is an easy conversion from JSON to plain text.

Next command could be get and after that delete.
Command get
The selected file is downloaded and presented in plain text, each line can then be stored or processed.

Command delete.
Simpel command, the file is deleted in the ftp site.
Command send.
The result of a batchjob can use the send command. The file lines can be sent to lessto and a psycial file is created at the FTP site.
Data security
None of the filedata is saved in lessto. It just passes the data to or from the FTP fite. In lessto you can see a complete log of commands, filenames and the result of the file transfer.

HTTPS POST and base64.
CloudToFile uses https secure data transfer. Data is sent with the POST protocol and the file content is converted to base64 and back.

This make the whole process of handling data easy. Make some data and convert it to base64 and send.
Free code snippit
These code examples is not plug and play. The code must me inplemented in either existing code or new code to make the transfer of data.

CloudToFile is designed for txt and csv file transfer, but as the base64 method is generic, both images and PDF files can be tranfered.

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